26 May 2015

Brooklyn-based Kayrock Screenprinting has multiple programs aimed at producing silkscreen prints, paper prints and books of art; however, the 100-year-old coverted rope factory is much more than the home of a studio offering printing services. Founded by Karl LaRocca in 1998, Kayrock is an artists’ collective that collaborates with…

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09 Mar 2015

Tory Van Wey pulls organic material from her daily life through a stream of consciousness process that lays mechanical pencil to paper as the impetus for visually stunning digital compositions. Exploring the aesthetic impulses that lead her to draw one direction and not another, Van Wey incorporates clear metaphoric…

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16 Feb 2015

These fifteen 3,000-pound works of art on display in the New York City Ballet’s David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center in New York were created by the Brooklyn-based Dustin Yellin as the first part of his “Psychogeographies” series, which will soon be on display across the nation. While…

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22 Nov 2013

  Check out my interview on IPaintMyMind.org with director Randy Moore who discusses the art of obsession and how important creating music is to him as a filmmaker.   Many more photos at the link.    

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07 Jul 2010

- Spreading the Green Message, One Podcast at a Time (Rutgers Today) -
29 Mar 2010

- Writing for The Daily Targum in College -