20 Jan 2014

Through a Lens Darkly at Sundance 2014 – Assistant Editor

Through hard work and perseverance, they say. Put in your dues, they say. Well, when I had my first interview with Chimpanzee Productions for their internship position, I told them straight up: I’m not into the corporate game. I’m not here to make money. I’m here to make a difference. And through the five years of working for Thomas Allen Harris and his team on Digital Diaspora Family Reunion (DDFR) and Through a Lens Darkly (TALD), one of the many stops along the way was Sundance 2014 for the world premier of TALD for which I worked as assistant editor and a special exhibit in the New Frontiers category for DDFR, for which I’ve been working as director of photography for several years.

Chimpanzee Productions is also how I met my colleague Natalie Shmuel, who works with me on everything from script supervision to set photography and post-production feedback for the short films and feature length work I’ve taken up.

Contact: thomas -at- chimpanzeeproductions.com

More coming soon from this group.