01 May 2015

Abeyance, a Zero-Budget Magical Realism Short Film – Director/Cinematographer and Co-Producer/Co-Writer

I couldn’t be prouder to have made my stake in the world of film with such an avant-garde piece being accepted by my home festival.

Jackie’s anxieties affect the world around her as she begins to subconsciously will things out of existence. The physical and social influences that make a person who they are cease to have ever existed. Her roommates Antero and Wendy live the comfortable life she can only dream of, but as the fundamental pillars of their personalities are removed from the equation, their entire lifestyles are reverted in a reverse character progression.
Jackie must come to terms with her own nihilism eating away at the world while learning to accept her closest friends for the basic human characteristics that make them who they are.

Un-touched stills from raw footage: