27 Jan 2015

Bodega Satellite’s 3D EP

With great experience comes great passion, which can make for great music. Such is the case for the New Jersey based Spanish punk rock band Bodega Satellite, which formed five years ago in 2010. Their music carries with it the experience of three hard working individuals who know how to bring people together to share good vibes and rock hard. With an album and an EP under their belt, and regular touring as far as Puerto Rico (their music is mostly sung in Spanish with an occasional song in English), there’s no shortage of experience to draw in to wonderfully well-crafted, original modern rock.

Make no mistake, this music is high-energy, aggressive, and fulfilling in all the ways emotional punk rock should be. Their latest release, the self-titled 6-song EP Bodega Satellite (nick-named the “3D EP” for its nifty cover art) features five powerful remedies for modern confusion and one epic cool-down celebration song. Asi, Bestial and Wish take the cake for this reviewer, but the EP serves as a concise whole, begging for repeat at just under twenty minutes.

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