“Inertia” Based on Franz Kafka’s “Before the Law”

During a walk in the woods, a man stumbles upon a gate blocked by a guard who refuses to let him through or tell him why he’s unable to do so.

Based on the short parable “Before The Law” by Franz Kafka, “Inertia” tells the story of a man whose own fear of progress prevents him from moving forward. Part suspense, part comedy, “Inertia” had a great festival run in 2015. It was produced by Armando Luis Alvarez and Brian Lederman, with Lederman directing and Alvarez filming.

The production took place in 33 degree weather, filming over night and around the clock for three days in a row, taking advantage of rainy weather and icy ground, dawn light and midnight.

A teaser trailer:

Stills from raw footage: