08 Apr 2016

Engrams, a Full-Length Film Set in NYC, Eastern and Western Europe – Writer/Director/Producer/Cinematographer/Editor

Engrams is an independent full-length narrative film about a man who believes he can cure depression by triggering happy memories, which leads him on a global search for his lost love.

Joseph spent his formative years learning how to fit into a box and he did it well. When he fell in love, he thought his life was right on track. He quit his job and started working obsessively on his passion project – a machine that could trigger happy memories to cure depression.

His girlfriend Sam has had a difficult life, but she has replaced it with solemn hard work and dedication to support her boyfriend in his pursuit, without really knowing what it entails.

His best friend Ralph is a no-effort mechanic who believes that Joseph is incredibly naive for pursuing this effort and he takes it upon himself to teach Joseph a lesson.

When the machine starts working, the past, present and future come to light.


Filmed over 4 weeks in New York and 3 weeks across Eastern and Western Europe, Engrams is entirely self-financed and is distributed internationally by Global Genesis Group on Amazon Prime.


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